“Hynosis isn't something that is done to you. A hypnotist is a guide to help you unlock the powers of your mind to improve your life.”



Relaxation is more than just not being stressed. Relaxation is as far from neutral on the positive side as stress is on the negative. Let hypnosis reduce and manage the stress of day to day living.




Have you reach the point where pain-killings medications have little effect? Have your doctors told you surgery isn't an option because it would do no good? Are you willing to try anything just to get some relief? Perhaps hypnosis can help.

There are times when I believe that the ability to relieve pain is the most important skill a hypnotist can possess. But this ability must be used wisely. Pain is the body's signal to take quick measures to stop whatever it is that's hurting us.

It is important that I have a note from your doctor before I treat you for pain. Contact me and I will help you with this.



The secret to weight loss is common sense: eat less, move more. A spoonful less per day and another lap around the block. Hypnosis reinforces your new dietary and activity patterns. Weight loss becomes one of many positive byproducts of what the power of your mind can do for you.




Everyone knows that smoking is bad for the smoker and just as bad for everyone who has to inhale the side-stream smoke. So why do people smoke? Rebellion of youth? Cool factor? To relax? Whatever the reason, it isn't worth the price.

It seems like everyone knows someone, an uncle or a friend or a co-worker who stopped smoking with the help of hypnosis. It's by far one of the best advertisements for the power of hypnosis to help change our lives for the better.

If you haven't started smoking, don't start. And if you do smoke, hypnosis can help you fix your resolve to quit and quit for good. But you really have to want to quit. Hypnosis can't make you do anything you don't want to do.

What else can hypnosis do?



We live in a culture of high stakes testing. It might be the SAT, the MCAT, the GRE, the GMAT, the LSAT, medical board, bar exams, licensure for many professions or simply end of term finals.


With over 20 years of teaching experience I understand how to prepare you to take a test. As a hypnotist I can help you control your stress and test anxiety. If you put in the time to prepare, I can help you demonstrate your knowledge and skills to the best of your ability.



There is no evidence for previous lives, but age regression is real enough and has uses beyond reliving and resolving past crises.


Hypermnesia and revivification are used in forensic hypnosis to help witnesses recall details from a crime scene, but there are other useful purposes for tapping into old memories. Reliving the past can be a beautiful experience when writing family histories or collecting materials for personal memoires. There can be many reasons someone may wish to refreshen, find, and explore the high points of his or her past.



Hypnosis does not replace the care of a medical doctor, but along with weight loss, exercise, Vitamin C, Olive Leaf Complex, Yoga, T'ai Chi Ch'uan it can help you manage high blood pressure.


A personal session with a hypnotherapist will always be more successful than a recording, but for those who prefer a DIY approach I offer this video for you to try.