Glen Bledsoe is a Consulting Hypnotist practicing in the greater Salem, Oregon area and is certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists.

"I practice hypnosis as artfully yet as rationally and scientifically as I am able.."

While he formally learned hypnosis at the Portland School for Hypnosis the first person he hypnotized (much to his surprise) was by accident while performing as a magician. He found that he had a natural talent for hypnosis and hypnotism and decided to pursue it not principally for entertainment, but as a hypnotherapist to improve people's lives — especially in helping people manage pain.

If you need the skills of a hypnotist for pain, for stress, to lose weight, to stop smoking or any one of dozens of different things, but have been put off by the somewhat fringe appearance that the profession can sometimes have, talk to Glen. From teens to truck drivers to housewives he may be just the hypnotist you've been looking for.



Glen Bledsoe has many interests and talents. Besides being certified as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Glen is a magician and a long standing member of The Society of American Magicians Assembly 59.

Glen has spent nearly 25 years in public education (MAT) and a K-8 teacher. He has also taught both graduate and undergraduate students at Willamette University

Glen is also a musician, an artist with a BA in Fine Arts from Indiana University, a writer with over 20 published books to his credit, a semi-pro photographer and has been a student of T'ai Chi Ch'uan for over half his life.


New Client Session

90 minutes

Depending on your need this may be the only session necessary.


Stop smoking/chewing

2 hours session one; 1 hour session two; 1 hour session three

Session one is about 2 hours longs. Two follow-up session will be one hour each for a total of four hours. If you stop smoking after the first sesson as is often the case you only pay for the first sesson.

$200.00 + $75 + $75 = $350.00

Follow-up pain alleviation

1 hour

These sessions are follow-up to the initial new client sesson noted above. Chronic pain will likely take a minimum of four sessons.

$90 per hour

Follow-up Weight Loss

1 hour

These session are follow-up to the initial new client session noted above. Weight loss usually takes three sessons.

$90 per hour

Introductory Consultation

30 minutes

If you are wondering what hypnosis can do for you, let's meet and discuss your needs.


No guarantee is made or implied as to the results for hypnosis services. Results vary in an unpredictable way due to the varying susceptibility of each individual to suggestion, their readiness to accept hypnosis and their relationship to the hypnotist. Be assured that I will do my best to give you the best results that I am able. Remember, the hypnotist is justa guide. Each individual ultimately is the one who makes the changes necessary to improve their life.